Top 5 Live Chat Support Softwares

A lot of companies have started offering Live Chat support to its customers and business associates. Live Chat support can be provided by using different softwares to manage the entire operations from there. Becoming a single point contact it manages all online sale and customer activities. Below listed are some of the best live chat support softwares which allows easy accessibility.

1. Livechat : This software is quite helpful for the startups, small, medium and for larger enterprises. It helps in managing daily customer duties. It basically converts the support team into customer service experts.Customers all around the world have really appreciated this software as they get their responses within seconds. About 20,000 companies are using this software across 150countries.It has a clean interface therefore chat failure or technical problem doesn’t arise. It defines an offline mode easily. It is customizable with the company’s logo and is very mobile friendly. According to the reviews received from customers it has received 5/5 rating in overall performance, ease of use and in customer service.

2. Purechat : It helps small organizationsengage their visitors who visit their websites with easy to use live chat support. This software not only share the visitors’ information, but it also provides many leads, and delivers the best customer service. It is functional with any kind of websites and is easily accessible. As far as its reviews are concerned, it receives 5/5 in ease of use field and gets 4.5/5 in both overall performance and in customer service.

3. Smartsupp Livechat : It records the entire visitor’s information. It also helps in improving customer loyalty. With this software one sees a video with mouse movement on the screen and record clicks of every customer and can then accordingly chat with the visitor and answer to his queries. Its interface is a little complicated, but is perfect for resolving customer issues. It receives a 5/5 rating in all the three fields.

4. Liveagent : This software has been awarded with a Supreme software award and an Experts choice award in 2016. It comes as a combo pack with emails, live chats and with social media integration. It is a powerful application as besides live chat it serves various other functions like it allows file sharing, provides contact forms, gamification, etc. Its interface is well planned and easily accessible. It is very user friendly; it does not require much effort from any user in understanding it. It proudly claims that all its reps are in-house, so the vendor has complete control on feed forward and feedback messages. Its overall rating comes as 4.5/5 in all the three key areas.

5. Live Engage by Live person : It is a flexible solution, as it allows the customers to contact vendor for both through the website and through the app installed via phone. Customized plans are available according to the different requirements, so it has a scalable structure. It has a special feature where if the chat gets disconnected due to internet failure, then the complete chat can be resumed again. It gets 4/5 rating in two fields and 4.5/5 in customer service.

These chat support softwares makes life really easy and effortless work can be carried out.

Live Chat Customer Service Tips!

First impressions are important regardless of the situation. Online chat is no different, so make sure you know how to respond when a customer engages you online.when chatting with customers, it is important that you make use of positive language. Positive language is something that you can practice every day. It is a customer service tool that is important in difficult situations like saying no to customers.